ANOZENE Nutritional Sciences was established in 2007 by Dr. Clifford Adams.   He spent the previous 25 years as a Research Director in a major international company developing and manufacturing feed and food additives. 

During this time he developed the concept of nutricines as food components which have a beneficial effect on health rather than directly influencing nutrition. 

This was followed by developing the strategy of nutrition-based health in animal production. It is important in modern animal production that nutrition is directed towards animal health as well as growth. Several books have been published over the years supporting and illustrating this new approach to animal production. 

Anozene also introduced the concept of postbiotics in 2010 [The probiotic paradox: live and dead cells are biological response modifiers, Adams,  C. A. (2010) Nutrition Research Reviews, 23: 37-46 ]. Postbiotics are inactivated or non-viable probiotic cells as well as their metabolic by-products which can positively affect animal and human health.

Anozene has published several articles on human milk oligosaccharides (HMOS) and their impact on health and well-being. HMOS are very important in protecting infants from disease.

Anozene publishes books on various aspects of animal and human nutrition. It undertakes technical writing commissions, organizes research projects and consults on feed and food legislation.